Ryan Swain is a professional and experienced, award winning presenter, comedian and entertainer from the small market town of Malton in North Yorkshire.His friendly, relatable & engaging performing style has helped him pick up a collection of fans nationwide as he as the ability and skill to always create a positive, optimistic impact on his audience. He has over 5 years of experience professionally, presenting and performing everything from live events, concerts, radio, TV and more. chair-1He has worked with lots of famous celebrities. He is always willing to take on any challenge to make everything as successful as it possibly can be. As a presenter he has a genuine passion to perform both live on stage and behind the cameras. Ryan is a dedicated guy with determination and drive with a good sense of humour, high energy levels, finely crafted one liners, and quick ad-libs which creates an elusive star quality.


Since Ryan started performing he knew that was he was made for the entertainment industry. Every event & appearance he makes you can tell that it’s not him doing a `Job’ but doing what is his passion, he will grab the audience’s attention with a such natural performance & connection that’s what makes him the entertainer he is.